05 September 2020

Школа инженерного творчества и изобретательства «Кулибин Про» объявила победителей конкурса детских инженерных идей для юных кулибиных «Руками не трогать!». Сбор заявок осуществлялся с апреля по июнь 2020 года, всего в конкурсе приняли участие порядка 200 детей от 3 до 14 лет.

25 March 2019

On March 22, 2019 employees of an educational startup "Mind Games" gave classes in assembly of the Small fish model on the basis of the frame and frame designer of AVToys within the master class with children of 6 years in kindergarten of Lappeenranta (Finland).

14 November 2018

In profile center of school № 1575 with assistance of the city "School of new nechnologies" project there took place the master class in work in cloudy CAD to Autodesk Fusion360 environment. Teams participants of a competition and their curators had an opportunity to get acquainted with bases of prototyping and creation of three-dimensional models. Our colleagues and pupils from the Moscow schools № 1550, 1251 of the general Charles de Gaulle, 1285, 158 received practical skills of work in the program, learned how to obtain the license for use of a product of Fusion 360 for three years, created the first three-dimensional object.

18 October 2018

Many schoolchildren cannot answer the question from the children's poem: “What should I be and what should I do?”.

Nowadays, there are ample opportunities for the profnavigation of schoolchildren. More and more specialized projects are being created to develop student competencies in the field of additional education.

26 September 2018

On September 25, 2018 the director of "Mind Games" V.N. Tarasova made a speech at a panel discussion "Integration of children with limited opportunities in modern society" 24 international Industry of Children's Goods exhibitions with the report "Development of children with disabilities by means of the frame constructor AVToys".

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