05 November 2018

On the C of November, 2018 pupils of two Moscow schools study the course "Engineering Design on the basis of Details of the Designer of AVToys" within preparation for competition "3D-Boom" of School of new technologies of the Moscow center of technological modernization of education.

27 October 2018

The term "additional education of children" appeared in the early nineties the 20th centuries. The system of additional education in Russia was formed of unique domestic forms of out-of-school work.
Additional education of children is a phenomenon and process the orientations, the interests of the personality, her self-realization and cultural adaptation directed to satisfaction which are beyond the standard of the general education freely elected by the child development of knowledge, modalities of action, valuable.

11 September 2018

Since September, 2018 students of a magistracy in the Innovatics direction of RUT (MIIT) study 3D - to modeling in the SolidWorks program.

04 September 2018

During the period from September to December, 2018 master classes and designing seminars on the basis of AVToys take place for tutors of preschool institutions, teachers and additional education teachers of elementary school with direct participation of the Moscow center of development of personnel potential of education and the Moscow center of technological modernization of education.

Specialists of the Moscow city psychology and pedagogical center carry out methodical support of manuals on designing on the basis of AVToys for children of the advanced preschool and younger school age with limited opportunities of health, including delays of mental development.

24 January 2018

Since January 24, 2018 in the 4th class of initial office and preparatory group of the preschool institution № 2121 the experiment on approbation of the additional educational program for studying of physical laws and the phenomena on the basis of the frame and frame designer of AVToys started.

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