18 November 2018

On one of occupations we interviewed Alexey and his mother Natalya Vladimirovna. We tried to understand how parents can help the children to develop the talents.


- Natalya Valentinovna, when you noticed abilities to designing at the son?
Natalya Valentinovna: since two years Lyosha laid the whole routes for the railroad of the house.
- Do you support the son in these undertakings?
Natalya Valentinovna: yes, it is unconditional, it is impossible to limit the child in his talents, in the future it can become his profession. And simply, when the child does favorite thing and you see his happy eyes, it cannot but please.
Lyosha often remains after a lesson and continues to collect the model. It became very interesting to us why to it so to be pleasant to design the designer of AVToys. We decided not to think long and just asked a question to the boy.
- Why you like to collect by this designer of model?
Alexey: This designer allows to collect small compact models with big space inside.
Here we received such serious answer from eight-year-old Alexey!
Conclusion of day: do not limit the children in their undertakings! Parents have to take active part in life of the children, show interest in its affairs. It will allow the child to feel confident in life, to feel the importance. And also such close connection will allow you to reveal early talents of the kid.


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