06 July 2020

02 июля 2020 г. получено свидетельство о государственной регистрации базы данных № 2020621111 «Библиотека 3D-моделей деталей конструктора AVToys». Правообладатель — ООО «Игры разума». Ссылка на свидетельство: https://yadi.sk/d/eCo_PCFn_3AU3A

27 March 2019

In March, 2019 the educational startup "Mind Games" submitted applications to Rospatent for deposition of copyright of materials for production of animated films and also assemblies and embeddings of an electric motor with an USB input by means of details of the constructor AVToys for the educational and methodical sets (EMS) of the additional general education (all-developing) programs.

03 September 2018

Theses of a bachelor degree, release of 2018 are available to downloading:

Development of small innovative business on the basis of advance on the market of new service "Intellectual cafe" (To. N, доц. Prokhorova I.S.)


Magistracy, release of 2018:

Advance on the market of the training program Kvantuma in kvantoriuma of Moscow (To. N, доц. Prokhorova I.S.)

Technologies of promotion of educational programs on the basis of meccano of AVToys (To. N, доц. Konovalova O.V.)

Master classes as a method of advance of an innovation on the example of meccano of AVToys (D. of N, the prof. Lyapin S. Yu.)

Development of meccano of AVToys on the basis of a robotic complex (To. N, доц. Fedotova M.A.)

Development of the patent for the details of the children's innovative designer integrating with other designers (D. of N, the prof. Lyapin S. Yu.)

Commercialization of the program of additional education of children of 10-12 years in the field of engineering design (D. of N, the prof. Lyapin S. Yu.)


01 September 2017

In this article it is possible to get acquainted with theses of students of a bachelor degree and master theses of students of a magistracy of Innovatics direction of MIIT. Final subjects of works are written on advance of the designer and educational services. For successful writing of work students went to production and predegree practicians at the enterprise.

Theses of a bachelor degree, release of 2016 are available to downloading.: Фетисов М.А., Кощеева Е.О., Селиверстова О.С.

Magistracy, release of 2017: Кощеева Е.О., Кастаньос-Компань А.Ф.

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