20 June 2020

В период с 05 по 18 июня 2020 г. сотрудник ЦМИТ Кощеева Екатерина принимала участие в программе онлайн-акселератора проекта Rukami Кружкового движения НТИ.

12 дней в режиме нон-стоп или как я участвовала в онлайн-акселераторе для организаторов технологических кружков от Rukami

21 November 2018

The additional educational program "Young mechanic" is for the first time completed for each student with an individual organizer with the designer's details (with the motor or without) and a set of instructions. The center "Mind Games" for the first time offers this program and for roboclubs.

05 December 2017

The center "Mind Games" reached the final of a competition of the Agency of strategic initiatives with the "Creation of the Model Center of Additional Education of Children for Ensuring Activity of Circles of Technical Creativity with Use of Domestic Meccano of AVToys" project (the section of the Road map of "Action" https://asi.ru/)

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