08 April 2019

On April 11, 2019 from 14:00 till 17:00 in the Smart City pavilion (VDNH) there will take place the Acceleration IGRUSSIA session. In the program a meeting with experts of the competition IGRUSSIA who will tell about that how to realize the ideas, to develop flow charts, to prepare the project for industrial realization and commercial scaling.

26 March 2019

The team of participants "Mind Games" participates in the All-Russian competition "IGRUSSIA" which is directed support of producers of children's goods during creation of the competitive development tools and game complexes adapted to the Russian market. The presentation is available here!

24 February 2019

Pupils of 8 “B” grade school № 1747 with curator Ermakovym S.V. demonstrated the project "Arctic multifunctional all-terrain vehicle AMV-1".

An eighth-grader Dmitry Pokatilov notes that “the Arctic was considered a territory unsuitable for people’s life, impassable either by water or by land. Due to the fact that machines with an internal combustion engine often fail, our team offers its own version of a future machine to work in Arctic. The car will have a lithium-ion electric motor. The concept will be a replacement for the modules. " 

22 February 2019

Burdo Aleksey, a pupil of Grade 8B Grammar School MIIT: "In Russia there are a huge number of scenic places that, unfortunately, cannot open to the eyes of an ordinary tourist. The aim of our project is to unlock the potential of Russian nature, show the tourists all the power and beauty of systems, to leave forever in the memory of any visitor an unforgettable experience! The name of our project is "ALPINE"! ".

20 February 2019

On the 19 of February in 2019 in Moscow in the boiling point of ASI, the projects of the 3DBUM contest were held, which is held annually by the Department of Education and Information Technologies of Moscow. The organizers of the competition nominations are universities in Moscow. This year, the Russian University of Transport has actively supported talented schoolchildren in the nomination “Transport for Man’s Service”. Teams from three Moscow schools that are interested in modern technologies in the transport industry came to the final defense of their projects. Unfortunately, not all have reached the finals, the guys have given out good projects, which will have to be worked on for a long time.

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