20 November 2017

We present the project which would like to pay attention - "A railway and motor transportation complex for transportation of superheavy and bulky goods "Athlete""...

New decisions on designing of many-wheeled transport - all-terrain vehicles are necessary for ensuring transportation of superheavy and bulky goods in the conditions of the lowered temperatures on off road terrain, ice and snow cover. The all-terrain vehicle platform has to possess not only big loading capacity, but also have the small pressure upon the surface of the soil, be able to creep as a ski on deep snow, to have an opportunity to cross as a raft through boggy sites and places of open water, keeping at the same time functions of the wheel all-terrain vehicle.

Our masters: student 4 courses RUT (MIIT) Mudrov Alexey and pupil of SEI SOSh school No. 1948 5 of the class Silchenko Nikita



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