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Learning the basics of designing, 3D-modeling, scanning and prototyping, robotics in a game form will contribute to the development of common culture, creativity, scientific and creative thinking among preschoolers, high school students and university students

to learn:

Multi disciplinary





Multi disciplinary

Using the scientific method of knowledge, in the course of which the teacher makes the child feel researcher who discovers new knowledge about the world


The use of subject, functional and historical aspects determines the study in unity of the principles of continuity, concreteness, taking into account comprehensive relations and development


Using the field of knowledge, exploring the mechanisms of development of technical systems in order to create practical methods for solving inventive problems

The modern world sets Multidisciplinary tasks for children that go beyond the school program. With the help of systemic additional education, we can offer parents the solution.
years old
The world in the form of a constructor

Know the world in its diversity: color, shape, image, history, movement

Educational modules for children 5-7 years old supplement the child’s preparation for school and develop his intellectual abilities aimed at a comprehensive perception of the characteristics of objects in the surrounding world (counting, color, form, etc.)

The objective of the module is to show in simple form that we are surrounded by biological, technical and social objects and systems. And each of them has its own characteristics. Classes include the basics of knowledge about the history of technology, physics, the living world, mathematics, history of designers. The module is built to work with the designer AVToys


  • Basics of design. Know the world in 2D
years old
your world

The world, as you see it and ... imagine

Educational modules for children of 7-10 years form an understanding that any object (object) can be found (modeled), for example, using a constructor. This module is based on Solution Theory

In the course of training, spatial thinking and imagination are developed, important skills are formed - the desire to find and systematize information, independently set a task and find a solution. The module is built to work with the designer AVToys


  • Basics of design. Elementary 3D models (7-10 years old)
  • Electronic devices Lego (9+ and 12+)
years old
your world

Model the perfect world convenient for you

The educational module for children 10-12 years old provides knowledge and skills that are not learned in school, but which may be needed in modern life and are the basis of modern child career guidance. Developing the skills that both the engineer and the humanities need - creating an object model with their own hands

The educational module includes the basics of 3D modeling, design, design, basics of robotics. The development of the perception of objects and their attributes - from a virtual model (we represent, construct properties) to a real object (with manifest physical properties) and vice versa from a physical object to its model. The perception of several objects as a single system. Formed basic skills of project work, teamwork.


  • Basics of design. The development of spatial thinking 3D (10-12 years)
  • Electronic devices Lego (9+ и 12+)
years old
Change the world

Use your ideas, improve the world around you.

An educational module for children 12+ introduces in detail into the world of intellectual technologies. Continues training in 3D modeling, design, design. Robotics. Students, together with students and university professors, develop models in 3D modeling, animation, and visualization programs. And get the opportunity to print their models on the machines and 3D-printers. As a result, must understand: What is creativity? What are intelligent and creative technologies? What does the use of such technologies in life bring to life?


  • Basics of design. Build a world with your own hands in 3D (12+)
  • Basics of Electrical Engineering (13+)
  • Basics of 3D modeling, design and design (14+)
  • Basics of 3D animation (15+)
  • Basics of 3D animation (15+)
  • Basics of working on a laser cutting machine CNC (15+)
  • Basics of CNC Lathe (15+)
  • Basics of CNC Milling Machine (15+)

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